World of Warcraft, for one, welcomes its new russian batman overlord

Русский оригинал постинга

A new cosmetics ad that's in rotation on russian TV carefully mimics the cinematic trailer of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. The role of Lich King is played by a well-known skater Evgeni Plushenko. We very much doubt that he or Oriflame or Blizzard are aware of that.

And that's the original. From the frame-to-frame comparision we can see that the resemblance is far from accidental, and Mr. Plushenko is really walking through Icecrown.

Frame 1. Arthas the Lich King is walking through Icecrown.

And that's Plushenko. The place is definitely the same, but in the daylight.

Frame 2. Arthas is looking through the ice.

Plushenko is looking through the ice too.

Frame 3. Arthas breakes the ice to see what's beneath.

So does Plushenko.

Frame 4. A giant dragon emerges.

Plushenko isn't so lucky. He managed to wake a giant bottle of aftershave from it's eternal sleep.

It's a pity that the ad ends here and we can't see the bottle flying above a horde of zombies.

But we have found a sketch of Plushenko in the Batman costume and some shots from the stage including Plushenko playing his PSP.

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